Panama City Beaches

Panama City beaches span more than 25 miles of shoreline, half of which is our famous white sand beach. On the west end, federally-protected sand dunes line the peaceful beaches of Laguna and Gulf Resort. To the east lie our famous marinas and pier.

"Fun in the sun" perfected

Along the main beach at Panama City you'll find everything to fill a day, night or weekend with a lifetime's worth of memories. Parasailing and watercraft for the adventurous, as are excellent shallow-water snorkeling (rays, dolphins and other aquatic life are abundant) and the simple relaxation of lying back and soaking up some sun.

Be sure to check for beach warning flags, which are posted prominently along the public access points in the event of potential water hazards. The flags are:

Water is closed to public
High hazard: High surf and/or strong currents
Medium hazard: Moderate surf and/or strong currents
Low hazard: Calm conditions; exercise caution
Dangerous marine life present: avoid water/exit immediately